Advanced Polymer Solutions

HBN-Teknik specializes in advanced polymer solutions. Here you can read about some of the solutions that we have developed and find out how HBN-Teknik can add value to your company.

Air spring pistons


Customer requirements for safer equipment, higher comfort, and cost-effective solutions demand for different approaches. Our composite air spring piston with inner volume technology does exactly that for our customers which is also the reason that we are the benchmark in the industry with leading OEMs using our solutions worldwide.

HBN-Teknik has manufactured air spring pistons for more than 20 years. We use that experience to optimize processes, design, materials, etc. to ensure that our innovative approach complies with our customers’ high standards.

We specialize in advanced polymer solutions that create value for our customers. Our air spring pistons offer a lot of advantages to our customers:

Customer-specific mudguards

As important as it is today to standardize, we also acknowledge the uniqueness of customized solutions for our customers. In addition to our existing programs, we also offer a specially developed and exclusive 3-part mudguard for Truck OEMs with antispray and a built-in backlight box.

Our focus when developing new solutions is to utilize our knowledge regarding lightweight materials to create a cost-effective and green product. The aim is not only to replace the metal parts but develop unique solutions that can do even more.

If you are in the need of a customized solution, HBN can help you throughout the entire process. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.


HBN Teknik A/S also offers mudguards that are suitable for steering axles. STEERFLEX is produced as a GREENFLEX mudguard and holds the same features.

The solution is delivered with antispray mounted with CUPFLEX and 4 TOPFLEX holders for fast and easy mounting.


The FLATFLEX is a precision injection moulded flat top mudguard that is suitable for smaller trucks.

FLATFLEX comes in different variants, sizes and in either ISTOFLEX or GREENFLEX material.

If you are in doubt about your needs regarding the right solution for you, please reach out and our teams will do the best to help you.


The RIMFLEX solution is designed for triple axles. The spat mudguards is available with TOPFLEX holders and an antispray solution.

Furthermore, it is also possible to add the side panel for a combined RIMFLEX solution for the triple axles.

RIMFLEX is produced in GREENFLEX material which garanties dimensional stability and includes the same features as the GREENFLEX mudguards.



HBN-Teknik has always used an innovative approach to create value for our customers. This means that we do not simply replace metal parts with corresponding composite components. We utilize the opportunities that composite technology offers to develop more unique solutions that aim to do more than the replaced metal parts.

We know that innovation is not an option but a prerequisite for our and your growth and future business. If there is something we can do to create value for you – always feel free to contact us!

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